“Embedded software development – whole stack.”

Software Development

We are experts in Embedded Systems. We understand how to successfully develop robust and efficient code that must operate within limited memory space, restricted performance capabilities and in real time.

Our experience covers the entire software stack from the PHY to the application layer. We also have deep knowledge of RTOS and device drivers from the protocols to the applications.

Our software development incorporates industry accepted best practises allowing us to deliver world class quality in everything we do.


We have experience working with many of the most popular semiconductor vendors and their devices including MCU and WMCU. We can bring together disparate bits and pieces of code and unify them into a coherent and functional whole even when those elements are from different sources or design groups.


We provide consulting services to help you explore, analyze and define the numerous and sometimes dizzying possibilities existing within the IoT market today and will guide you to find the optimal solution that meets your specific needs.

  • Technology analysis and studies on an individual basis and as a complete system
  • Performance studies and optimization
  • Solution proposals
  • Industry analysis